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On March, opera-lovers will have a wonderful opportunity to visit six performances of the immortal Giuseppe Verdi’s Aida, to be staged by living legend, Franco Zeffirelli. This is an unprecedented performance in scale and artistic level. Like all Zeffirelli’s works, this is a masterpiece.

On March 7, foreigners will perform alone. Aida will be played by Cellia Costea, whilst Radames will be performed by Rudy Park and Amneris will be embodied by Sanja Anastasia. Other characters are to be played by: Giacomo Prestia (Ramfis), Mattia Denti (King of Egypt), Filippo Micale (Messenger), Gonca Dogan (Voice of the High Priestess), and Giulio Boschetti (Amonasro). This day’s conductor will be Marco Boemi. On March 12, 15 and 18, the Tbilisi opera soloists will take part in the performances, conducted by Zaza Azmaiparashvili. In all six performances, the orchestra and the choir of the Tbilisi Opera and Ballet Theater will be present.

The Assistant Director to the foreign troupe will be Stefano Trespidi – a very well-known Italian director and a most trusted person of Franco Zeffirelli. He’ll be personally in charge of decoration and performance development.

(lighting designer Lorenzo Caproli)


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